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Hi there,
I hope you are getting ready to make your way to Lafayette for our Gourd Mini Retreat, May 14. We have 10 students at this time. We do have a few more seats if you are able to make it. Just let me know ASAP. 

Everyone is invited to the Noon Annual meeting. We will have an election.  

Address: The address is Ira Nelson Horticultural Center, 2206 Johnston St, Lafayette, LA. We will be in the building in the back on Creamery St. map.

Parking: Do not park in from of an old house across from the building. I attached a map of Ira Nelson. Do not park where you see red. You can park where the yellow lines are. I find it easy to go the rout you see in blue. 
Time: Be there ready to start at 8 am. Doors open at 7am. We will have coffee and something to go with your coffee. 

Lunch:  We will order by 8:30 from Jason Deli. Check out the box lunch you would like to order. If you do not see a box lunch you like they can make one just for you. 

Class info: Taking the Weaving class make sure to bring a towel to place on lap while weaving. If you have specific yarns you would like to weave into your gourd, bring it.
Taking the CACTUS FIBER class you need will need a carver and dust mask. An inverted cone carving bit, an egg shape or tree shape carving bit and some form of sanding bit is needed. Sheila will have bits for sale. Sheila will provide gourd and all supplies needed for gourd including dye, sealer, cactus fiber, glue, several types of edge trim and acrylic paint.

Friday: Meet at Ira Nelson Horticultural Center at 10:30. We will help Shelia set up. Then we will tour the gardens at Ira and the Master Gardener Demo beds. Then we will head over to Vermilionville at 300 Fisher Road in Lafayette. Have lunch there and then do a walking tour. By the way, both the Demo Beds and Vermilionville had something to do with gourds. Let’s see if you can spot the 4 places. Adults (ages 19-65): $10 per person, Senior Citizens (ages 65+): $8 per person.

Sunday: Bunch at TBA at 10:30. We will meet up at TBA to finish up your gourd. 
I think I cover it all. If I miss anything please let me know.

Karen Willingham

Louisiana Gourd Society
The purpose of the Louisiana Gourd Society shall be to educate,  promote, and encourage the growing, culture, use, history, art and/or craftsmanship of gourds to our membership  and the general public.

Gourd Mini Retreat 

May 14, 2016 
8 a.m. to 5 pm
Ira Nelson Horticultural Center
2206 Johnston St, Lafayette, LA

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Cajun Country Gourd Patch Meeting
9am to 3 pm

March , TBA
April 16, Tuesday
​May 17, Tuesday
June 18, Saturday
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August 16, Tuesday
September 17, Saturday​

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